Everyday private images are being illegally shared, posted and uploaded to web pages online. Now My Image Monitor lets you track the presence of your private and intimate images.

As a registered user you are always protected, when a robot crawler registers the unique digital fingerprint of one of your images.

Protect your images
Stop sharing - we will find you

Your private images can be misused and shared in ways that violates your privacy. With automatic monitoring you can sleep good at night knowing that you will be alerted if somebody is abusing your privacy.


Copyright infringement is the use of material in a way that violates the original copyright owners exclusive rights. Images uploaded to the web is an easy target to be copied and used in a not intended context. We help you trace any unlawful use of your images.


We deliver continious and automatic searches for all your images. With regular reports you will stay protected and be able to take immediate action against spreading of your images.

Yes, keep my images and privacy protected


We crawl and index images on the web

Robot crawlers are continiously searching the web for new images. A digital fingerprint of every image is stored and indexed.

We compare and identify duplicates

Your images are transformed into digital fingerprints with unique patterns of pixels in the image. Even if the image is later cropped or altered we can identify even very small partial matches.

We alert you immediately

We compare the digital fingerprint of your images with the indexed images. Alerts are immediately send out to you if we identifies a match. Reports of findings is created on a daily basis and can bed accessed on your user account.


Is it all automatic, so I don't need to worry in the future?

Yes, just tell us what to look for and we will scan, check and monitor continiously, so you can sleep well at night.

How will I know if you find my images online?

We scan continiously new images and will alert through e-mail as soon as we identify a match. You are also always welcome to log into your account and see the latest status report.

What if my image has been altered or cropped?

Our image recognition tools are able to identify unique patterns in the picture, even if it has been significantly altered or cropped.

How are my images managed in your system?

We don't store actual copies of your images on our servers. We create a digital fingerprint of an image containing the unique patterns of pixels necessary to identify a match.

Can you guarantee that you will find all duplicate images?

We will never be able to give you a full guarantee. But the web crawlers and the image recognition tools we use are the most advanced technology available. So without a full guarantee we promise that we get close.